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Ed Sheeran is a better rapper than most rappers and he isn’t even a rapper


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bartleby :’(

bartleby :’(

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there are scars on my body left over from when 17 hurt too much. and 18. and 19. some habits are hard to break.
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Just tried on every piece of womens clothing in Banana Republic. Now I want to buy it all. GODDAMNIT

DON’T GO THERE SOPHIA. retail is such a trap goddamn. this is why i have to work in a bar where i legally can not take part in the employee discount ;)

my body feels like a limp dead fish and i am too stupid to understand my philosophy homework

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girl are you trash because i want to take you out

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Your neck looks best when you
are drinking wine right from the
bottle and I know the length you
like to keep your fingernails. You
are cute when you hum to music
and think no one is listening. I
like to watch your hands when
you are talking on the phone and
imagining I’m the only person in
the world who knows these details.
If you ever go missing, I will
describe you to the police by
explaining the way your breath
sounds and how your jaw looks
when you are laughing.
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my nugget you are always welcome to discuss further in my bed. serious talks and lots of laughing too. i’ll support you in whatever makes you feel more comfortable and i will eat those who don’t understand or want to be respectful hisss. miss kiss you